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In Season Meals:

Our Vegetarian range of products, allowing addition of protein of choice. Vibrant colours, fresh frozen by ultra cold LIN technology.

Preparation from frozen:
A three to four minute hot stir fry, (with a little water added per portion).

(i) Infused rice products, 350g portions. Rice, vegetables and sauce/vegetable stock, Tom Yam (Lemon grass/sour), and Holy Basil).
(ii) Vegetarian curries, 225g portions. Vegetables and sauce/vegetable stock. Green, Yellow, Red, Ginger and mushrooms, Tom Yam (lemon grass/sour) and Sweet and Sour. (All smooth sauces with crunchy vegetables).
(iii) Salads: Mango Salsa and Green Papaya.

Add protein Concept:
Ideal for Food Service: If proteins are added and served with either rice or noodles more than 80 possible offers on a Menu are possible.

The advantages:
- No “Chef” required at each location,
- Zero waste,
- Small inventory,
- Controlled portions and costs,
- The technology gives a “Freshly made” product look and flavour,
- Consistent products all year round.
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