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New Specialties :

Mango Salsa :
You know Tomato Salsa, now experience Mango Salsa:- Healthy, Cool, Nutritious and Exceptional flavour. Suggested Uses: Defrost covered and (i) Add to any green salad. (ii) On a sliced baguette with shrimp.
(iii) Served with smoked salmon. (iv) On a buffet table next to the tomato salsa. (v) With melted cheese on Nachos. Many Chefs’ creations possible.

Banana Sushi:
A combination of Glutinous rice, tree ripened aromatic Banana and a hint of Coconut milk. Suggested Uses: Defrost covered or in a microwave if preferred warm (delicious). (i) As a dessert on its own. (ii) Sprinkle with topping of choice (Nuts, Chocolate flakes, Sesame seeds, Crushed corn flakes etc) Chefs can create their dessert as they like with this base product.

Green Papaya Salad:
Green Papaya, tomato, green beans and a sweet-sour dressing: Healthy and high in nutrition. Fresh and unique crunch and flavours. Suggested Uses: Defrost covered. (i) As a starter salad. (ii) Serve with roast chicken (iii) Add to traditional salads to give them a zip. Chefs can add protein of choice to make a tasty light lunch for the healthy.
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